Bear Juice

Recently Bear came home from work stating he had ordered us a nutri bullet. We had been discussing getting one for quite a while. Like kids on the run up to Christmas we awaited our delivery. Upon arrival we realised in all our excitement we had forgotten to stock up on vital ingredients to blend. 

Here, is Bear’s morning juice. He likes a simple nutrious boost, one that has oats to keep him feeling full and not craving for his old breakfast naughty foods.  


First up, half an apple, quartered. 

Spinach (a handful)

A banana, broken into chunks. 

Blueberries ( we use frozen for ease) 

Strawberries (again we use frozen) 

Water (just about 20 mls to loosen the juice) 

If not using frozen fruit we recommend adding ice. 

Blend for 10-20 seconds until smooth  

Add oats (approx 25g) 

Add more water to keep loose. 

Blend again for another 10/20 seconds.

You may need to add more water and re blend depending on your consistency preferences. 

Pour into your glass of choice and enjoy! 



We love Bear Juice pre gym for a great blast of energy and is nice and filling for breakfast. We hope you enjoy trying it.  

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