Bathroom Renovation

When we first saw our house the Bear and I agreed on one thing. It needed a new bathroom. Whilst the other one was functional, it was not up to our standards. As the Bear’s brother was a plumber we didn’t worry too much about the size of the work involved. Silly us.    The journey to our new bathroom was a lot harder and emotional than either of us anticipated. Our first task was to pick a style and concept. This, I thought would be easy. In fact, it was really hard. At first we thought we wanted a traditionally inspired theme. However after a little pep talk, and a zillion magazines, from the Bear’s family we decided on a more modern theme.     Once we had a general design in mind the demolision began. The Bear and his brother set to work on what they thought was an (easy) tile removal job. Little did we realise the previous occupants had wondrously tiled upon tile. So removal turned out to be a much bigger job. In fact, the boys had to go right back to the brick work. 

Seeing our bathroom in this state was really emotional. When you have spent so much money on a purchase to rip it to shreds is very hard. Especially when you are not 100% sure what the outcome will be. Plus with only one toilet in the house when it went out of action it was rather tricky!  

     Picking tiles…. Oh my! The Bear and I had so many sleepless nights over tiles. Looking back it seems hilarious that it could be so hard. But after 7 trips to different tile shops, finally we made a decision. We both feel we made the perfect choice. For anyone about to embark on a bathroom renovation, here are my top tips: 

  1. Take lots of time to make your decisions. 

  2. Get lots of opinions. 

  3. Get samples from the shops and bring them home. See the colour in the light of your room. 

  4. Decide how you want them laid. The more modern look is vertical grid, to make your space appear clean and big. Traditional is a brick formation. 

  5. Whilst large tiles are ‘the thing’ at the moment, make sure it’s in keeping with your space. If you only have a small bathroom a super big tile will only draw attention to the size (as you will only have used a few tiles to cover the whole area). 

  6. Once you have a tile, make sure your flooring matches! We opted for a complementing stone grey tile for the floor, with a dark grout. Whilst the white granite we choose for the walls brought out the bright white and chrome of our chosen suite. Of gorgeous flecks of grey and Flint. 

In order for us to get to tiling we had to have the entire room re wired and re plastered. Just seeing this made us feel one step along the way!    

After waiting what seemed like a lifetime for the plaster to dry. Finally the tiles could be laid. We opted for a professional tiler to come and lay them.  

   Just seeing this made my heart sing. The transformation then came thick and fast as the suite got installed.    

        Finally the last piece of the jigsaw was installed. The Bear’s little extravagance. His de-misting mirror. It lights up so you feel like a movie star, with just a wave of your hand. It charges razors or toothbrushes. It doesn’t mist so you can shave straight after your shower. No rubbing the mirror! Plus it even has a clock so you can see how late you are running! This was a seriously expensive outlay and took three mirror to ensure it worked and was fitted correctly. But it has finished the room and really complements the five star modern hotel bathroom look we wanted to achieve.  

   The little things are the best. Whilst a little bit more expensive, the things I love most about our bathroom. The fact we can turn on the shower or bath before you get wet or even step into the bath. 

Soft close. Both our toilet seat and the drawer in our double sink soft close. I am still not yet bored of this added extra! 

Regrets. Underfloor heating. The Bear and his brother debated putting in under floor heating. I stupidly couldn’t justify the added expense. With such a small surface area I couldn’t believe it was necessary. I was wrong. Our beautiful stone floor gets mighty chilly in the winter! Slippers are essential. But other than one small regret I love our bathroom. 

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