Weekend Renovation

This week the Bear and I have been really poorly. So much so our plans of visiting my parents had to be postponed. 

Yesterday was a write off. The Bear and I having a competitive cough session. 

Today, feeling slightly more human I ventured outside. As far as the front fence. 

After the Bear had ‘cleaned’ the fence with his beloved Kartcher it had blasted the existing paint right off. 

We have been wanting to re-paint it for a few weeks but other jobs have taken priority. So with my coughing slightly abaiting I donned my renovation kit and headed out. 

Here’s the before snap     We picked Cuprinol Forest Oak as we were keen to have it a dark shade.    



 Painting fences is I found out quite laborious. A good sense of achievement and love that the front of our house looks more in keeping with the neighbourhood.    


 Thankfully by the time I got to the front of the fence the Bear joined me. It’s far more fun with two! 

What DIY have you tackled? 

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