Wedding planning – 8 weeks to go! 

With only 8 weeks until our big day I am going to spend time posting my thoughts and final prep on here. 

I haven’t posted before now mainly as I haven’t wanted to bore everyone. Plus it’s taken this long to get most things sorted. I also want some elements to be a surprise to our guests (and indeed the Bear). But I feel ready to share a little of my journey to the aisle. 


Now I work as head of marketing. So planning is integral to my career. So rather than getting stressed about what I needed to do I approached it as I would any other launch. I made a list. A big list. And started prioritising. 

A big part of my early planning, was on Pinterest. This is such a fabulous source of information and ideas. However. I will give one slight health warning. This can make your wedding snowball. A little country wedding can soon become bigger budget… Try and be focused in your searches and limit what you look for. Be clear in your mind of your budget at all times. 


 This is the biggest thing you need to plan. And stuck to. As per my previous point it’s so easy to get carried away. Be realistic and work through what you need. I will add a  separate post on this. 


 For us this was the easiest part as we already knew where we wanted to get married. For others this but can be a challenge. 


 I had a theme in my head and on Pinterest but it wasn’t really coming to life in reality. So I changed my theme. Don’t be afraid to have a second thought on things. In retrospect the second idea was better than the first. 

This also happened for my wedding dress shopping. I went with a really prescriptive vision in mind but in reality I chose something very different. 

However, once you start buying. Keep to your theme. You will have second thoughts and doubts but remind yourself of the excitement and delight at making the original decision and go with it. 

Stay tuned for more pre-wedding posts! 

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