My Slimming Journey 

So following the miscarriage I didn’t focus on what I was eating or drinking so all the amazing work I’d put in prior to the wedding (3 stone loss) slowly crept back up. 

Until the point where you realise your trousers don’t quite fit and to keep buying new clothes just isn’t ok anymore. It’s time to stop. 

So here I am again. Back on a slimming journey. Naturally we have for the last year been trying to get pregnant again but so far no success. Maybe it’s the pressure. Maybe it’s the gaining weight. Maybe just not my time. We don’t know. But all I know is I was almost 2 stone lighter last time and healthier. So if I fix and focus on that maybe the other will get the hint and we get some good news…. 

We are also moving house! I’m so excited to be buying a dream house. What I’ve called ‘Pinterest House’ so as you can see things are hectic to say the least. 

I figure if I can take control of one part of my life the other parts will somehow follow suit. 

So I’m just finished week one of Slimming World and I’m so over the moon to report I’ve lost a massive 4lbs. Honestly I can’t believe it. 

When I was doing it for the wedding I don’t think I ever had that big a loss. So what I am doing differently. Well firstly I’m doing it all online. With work, the move and everything else I just don’t have time for classes. So to give me the Image Therapy side of the meetings I’ve created a new online community using Instagram and Facebook. If I photograph everything I eat it will help me stay on track as I have to declare it. 

Also having your food diary digital you can’t fudge your totals. It is what it is. Your more focused on your amount of speedy foods and Syns. Well… my theory anyway. Let’s see how next week pans out…. 

You can find me here 

I will be writing a weekly (ish) update on here too. 

Green Goddess

Since Bear created Bear Juice I’ve been quite excited by it and have addictively been having it most mornings. However, I have been experimenting on my own with great results! I wanted to create my own version of a Green (ish) juice. But one that would also double as a breakfast replacement, otherwise it’s goodness slightly goes to waste when I team it with some carb naughtiness. I’m not anti carbs (I wish) I just know I get drawn to buying naughty things in the morning. After my morning commute from Sunny Surrey into the masses at Waterloo and battle to Mayfair. By this point I’m starving and Pret is my safe haven before work becons. 

So I wanted the Green Goddess to do two things. One be good for me. Two stop me spending crazy money EVERYDAY in Pret (at least at breakfast time) and THREE be filling, to make number Two actually work! Ok that’s actually three things. Even better. 

So here it is! 

Green Goddess Juice

Inside it, a pear! Yum. 

Spinach (a good handful) 

Kale (a good handful) 

Half a frozen banana (cut in chunks before freezing) 

Frozen strawberries, blueberries, red berries, blackberries and raspberries 

Oats! I pour in a nice little heap 

Water. Key ingredient to make it juicy (unless you want to eat it with a spoon!) 

Blend! Add more water if needed. Blend again. I like a smooth consistency. 

Serve or if you are like me. Lid on. Commute. Get to work. Load up your computer and sip away feeling gorgeously smug at your yummy healthy breakfast. Enjoy.  

Tip: if the green colour scares you, add more berries. But remember green is good. Taste it before you dismiss it. You may be surprised!! 


Bear Juice

Recently Bear came home from work stating he had ordered us a nutri bullet. We had been discussing getting one for quite a while. Like kids on the run up to Christmas we awaited our delivery. Upon arrival we realised in all our excitement we had forgotten to stock up on vital ingredients to blend. 

Here, is Bear’s morning juice. He likes a simple nutrious boost, one that has oats to keep him feeling full and not craving for his old breakfast naughty foods.  


First up, half an apple, quartered. 

Spinach (a handful)

A banana, broken into chunks. 

Blueberries ( we use frozen for ease) 

Strawberries (again we use frozen) 

Water (just about 20 mls to loosen the juice) 

If not using frozen fruit we recommend adding ice. 

Blend for 10-20 seconds until smooth  

Add oats (approx 25g) 

Add more water to keep loose. 

Blend again for another 10/20 seconds.

You may need to add more water and re blend depending on your consistency preferences. 

Pour into your glass of choice and enjoy! 



We love Bear Juice pre gym for a great blast of energy and is nice and filling for breakfast. We hope you enjoy trying it.