Garden Renovation : Part Two 

Today we waved good bye to our potting shed. Since we bought the house we have been wanting to take down the ‘monster’ size shed. Whilst a really well built and nicely painted shed it literally took up half the garden. It had to go. 

The bear had taken a liking to the main shed, after filling it with boy tools, namely his prize possession his Kartcher Jet Washer. The ultimate in boy’s toys! 

Following part one of our garden renovation, we couldn’t wait to get back outside for challenge two. Shed demolision, made difficult as we only wanted to take down half of it. 

This was a job for Bear. He loves to get into Hulk Smash mode. This was the starting point.  



Amazingly it took Bear only 1 hour to demolish the shed. Super impressive! 

After cleaning out the remaining shed, 10 rubbish bags later. And moving all the wood from the demolished shed. We re arranged the shed and enjoyed our work with a well earnt beer.   

The next phase, laying turf in the patch now unveiled and weeding and edging will have to wait a day as we are visiting family on Easter Sunday. 

Garden Renovation : Part One 

Before today our garden was beginning to resemble a jungle. Since buying the house in the depths of winter last year we haven’t raised a finger to the garden. With the house now becoming a home, we have been anxious to get outside and cut through the weeds to reveal its inner beauty. 

With a long bank holiday weekend begun, we joined the DIY army, at our local Homebase store. Our last garden had been a small walled courtyard affair so suddenly we needed garden tools, lawnmower, a hose… Basically everything! This was our trolley after only 10 minutes… 

We fell for some new garden furniture, which we realised after filling our trolley so rapidly, will be an online purchase. 

After a quick stop off to deliver an Easter Egg to the Bear’s dad. Off we ventured to the jungle. 

Like total amatuers we approached with caution. With the Bear on the lawn, I tackled the wild flower beds. 

The lawn before we tackled it. 


After a fair bit of research we had opted to buy a Flymo Hover Mower, they float above the grass (apparently) and is light weight. Even I could move it around super easily. You can check out the lawnmower buying guide we used here

The bear set the mower to the highest setting, as our grass was jungle length. This can be reduced so you can achieve a short beautifully manicured lawn. Well we are hoping this is the case.    

We are pleased with the result so far. A great arm work out too! 

My weeding task is rather epic and so I started in one place and aimed to get it cleared today so we could start a new section the following day. 

You can see the bed before I took a fork to it.  


This was really really hard work. Forget Nike Workouts on your phone. This was a toning muscle worker. Thankfully we had inherited a compost heap so we had somewhere to put the weeds! Below you can see the result of my labour. The plant I left in the bed is a bamboo, really cool. My mum, an incredible gardener, had identified it via FaceTime two weeks before.    


Above you can see the lovely spring planter we bought, they really offset the slate beautifully. 

Tomorrows task… Take down the glass side of the shed. It’s just too dominant in our little garden. We have a gorgeous (my favourite) Cherry Blossom tree behind the shed so removing the glass half will reveal its glory.         

Plus, of course the weeding continues! 

To mine, and the bear’s surprise we can’t wait to get back out there. Weather permitting.